Guangzhou Lihua Hardware & Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
No. 2 Industrial Zone, Dasheng Village, Lan Road, Lanhe Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou


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Specification: 14.9*113.6
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Specifications:  14.9*113.6

   The company uses advanced imported and domestic equipment such as: reflective melting furnace, precision aluminum forming machine, fine blanking machine, Japanese computer wire cutting machine (fast wire, medium wire, slow wire), Japan's high-speed machining center, Swiss spark machine, Japanese high-precision CNC lathe, high-precision engraving machine, spark puncher, 8-250T automatic punch, automatic hobbing machine, automatic flash machine, automatic polishing machine, oxidation production line, die casting machine, injection blow molding machine, Blow molding machine, injection molding machine, screen printing machine, pad printing machine, hot stamping machine, thermal transfer, automatic dust-free painting line, plastic vacuum plating production line, automatic sand blasting machine, assembly production line, etc. In addition, the company also has a chemical laboratory, physical experiment The laboratory can conduct a series of tests and inspections on the selection of raw materials, the monitoring of the production process, and the quality of the products, so that the quality of the products can meet the procurement standards of international brand companies.


   The company has strong design and technical strength, with dozens of various professional designers, specializing in the design and production of cosmetics-based products. Such as: beauty kits, lipstick shells, lip gloss bottles, eyelash tubes, perfumes, make-up liquids, pharmaceutical packaging containers, food packaging containers and various types of hardware, plastic products and accessories, the daily output reaches hundreds of thousands. The products are exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and some domestic cosmetic packaging markets, and have won praise and trust from domestic and foreign merchants.


   From the establishment and development to the present, the company has been taking the responsibility of protecting the environment and reducing emissions, continuously strengthening scientific research and investing a lot of money in environmental protection and consumption reduction, the company has a large-scale sewage treatment of 300 cubic meters of wastewater per day and a recycling rate of more than 80% Devices such as devices have made our company always ahead of similar domestic companies in terms of environmental protection and consumption reduction.


   The company has always pursued a people-oriented management model, the company's corporate culture continues to develop, the company's staff dormitory environment is beautiful, and living facilities are perfect.


   For many years, the enterprise has produced and operated continuously with scientific management mode and perfect quality system, and actively responded to the WTO, striving to open up the international market in order to seek broader development.


  All employees of the company are willing to continuously improve and innovate to meet the requirements of customers and improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the international market with the entrepreneurial spirit of "exploration, innovation, pragmatism and efficiency" and the business philosophy of "win with quality and customer first".



   The company will adhere to the tenet of "quality first, sincere service", establish close cooperation with brand customers, sincerely provide high-quality products and services to domestic and foreign merchants, sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants to cooperate with the company to create an international A bright tomorrow in the cosmetics market.


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