The application of blister packaging box in the industry

February 23,2022

    The application of blister packaging in the industry, how to choose the blister packaging suitable for your industry. The following is introduced by the editor of Shenzhen Plastic Box Factory:

    First, the application of PVC blister packaging boxes in the electronics, cosmetics, toys, and gift industries

    Electronics, cosmetics, toys, and gifts are mainly based on the display effect. Generally, the PVC plastic material with the best transparency and gloss is selected. This material is soft, tough, and plastic. It can be made into transparent and various colors. The packaged products are transparent and visible, beautiful in appearance, and easy to sell.

    Second, the application of PET blister packaging in the food industry

    The food industry is mainly based on packaged food. Generally, it is made of environmentally friendly, non-toxic odor-absorbing plastic materials. This material is hard, tough, high-strength, bright, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, transparent and various colors. Sheet.

    Third, PS blister packaging box in the electronics, toys, stationery, technology products, cosmetics, health care products industry

    PS material has the advantage of price, and it is slightly lower than the blister packaging of other materials. At the same time, its density is small (light weight), environmentally friendly and non-toxic, plasticity is very good, toughness is brittle, and it cannot be made into a transparent material, so it can only be It is made of bottom bracket type blister, which is not suitable for recycling because it is easy to crack.

    Fourth, the application of PP electronic digital, hardware, daily necessities and other industries

    PP material is particularly soft, tough, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and high temperature resistant. It is often used as packaging for catering appliances or other high temperature resistant products; but its plasticity is poor, the processing is difficult, the surface gloss is poor, and the color will become lighter during processing .