Tips and Precautions for Skincare Bottle Design

July 28,2022

Skincare products are necessities in life for women, and in the face of various brands of skin care products on the market, how to choose, many women feel helpless, and many women have this kind of choice for skin care products Viewpoint, in the face of skin care products of the same price, people often choose products with exquisite packaging, and the design of skin care product bottles is helpful to the overall improvement of skin care products. Let's take a detailed look at the design of skin care product bottles. 


Skincare Bottle


Tips and Precautions for Skincare Bottle Design


First of all, the material selection of skin care product bottles should consider the following aspects: the protection and protection performance of the material to the product; the commerciality; the economy of the material; the safety and hygiene of the material; the disposal of container waste. Secondly, this product is a viscous daily chemical. It requires packaging materials with good chemical stability, good compatibility, lightweight, various colors, good hand feeling when grasping, light and durable, good finish, not easy to break, and suitable for wet surroundings.


Therefore, taking into account the above two aspects, eventually polypropylene (PP) has become a common plastic packaging material.


Polypropylene (PP) has the following performance characteristics: low price, elasticity, toughness, widely used as ribbed bottle caps; good rigidity, can be used to make thin-walled containers, and is extremely versatile; resistant to oil, grease, strong acid (strong (except nitric acid), excellent alkali resistance; good barrier properties to water and water vapor, but poor gas barrier properties; it can withstand most solvents (except hydrogen chloride) at room temperature, but at high temperatures, benzene, bisulfite Toluene, toluene, turpentine, have an effect on it.