Luxury Cosmetic Packaging Spraying Glass Bottle with Alu Cap 50ml Toner Container | CB-050A-copy

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Material: AL/PP/PE/GLASS
Type: Bottle Stopper
Usage: Toner, Serum, Other Cosmetic
Feature: Non-Spill, High Quality
Custom Order: Accept
Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China
Brand Name: Lihua
Model Number: CB-050A
Product name: 50ml Toner Glass bottle with Alu Cap 
Capacity: 50ml or customized closure
Closure Color: Customized
Surface Handling: Screen Printing, electroplate,Hot processing, Other Surface Handling 
MOQ: 5000pcs
Packing: Carton(board/polybag/fluted coupling sheet)+pallet


Luxury Cosmetic Packaging Spraying Glass  Bottle with Alu Cap  50ml Toner Container  | CB-050A-copy Luxury Cosmetic Packaging Spraying Glass  Bottle with Alu Cap  50ml Toner Container  | CB-050A-copy Luxury Cosmetic Packaging Spraying Glass  Bottle with Alu Cap  50ml Toner Container  | CB-050A-copy Luxury Cosmetic Packaging Spraying Glass  Bottle with Alu Cap  50ml Toner Container  | CB-050A-copy


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Guangzhou Lihua Hardware & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specialized in large-scale domestic production of high-end cosmetic packaging containers as well as pharmaceutical packaging containers, food packaging containers and various types of hardware, plastic products and accessories.


The company was established in the last century and has now developed into a large modern enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales. It has nearly 1,000 employees and an independent factory building of more than 20,000 square meters. There are aluminum branch, aluminum parts branch, hardware branch, zinc alloy die-casting branch and plastic branch respectively; formed from aluminum raw material refining, purification, fine blanking-mold design, manufacturing, aluminum stamping, Stretching, forming, polishing, oxidation-zinc alloy die casting, machining , polishing, electroplating-plastic blowing, injection molding, hot stamping, silk pad printing, paint spraying, thermal transfer, sandblasting, assembly, etc. produce.Since the serial production from raw materials to products is carried out within the company with a scientific management model and a perfect quality assurance system, thus ensuring product quality and delivery time.


Luxury Cosmetic Packaging Spraying Glass  Bottle with Alu Cap  50ml Toner Container  | CB-050A-copy


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Luxury Cosmetic Packaging Spraying Glass  Bottle with Alu Cap  50ml Toner Container  | CB-050A-copy


Glass packaging still has irreplaceable advantages

Generally speaking, the texture of cosmetics can be divided into solid granular (powder), liquid and lotion cosmetics, and cream cosmetics. Such a shape makes bottle packaging widely used in cosmetics packaging. At the same time, cosmetics themselves do not have a distinctive appearance. It can show its characteristics only through exquisite and unique packaging design.

According to the current situation, plastic bottle packaging has significant advantages. It is light and cheap and can be made into transparent and opaque shapes of various specifications and sizes. At the same time, the printing performance of plastic bottle packaging is very good. The manual, logo, and bar code can be directly printed on the surface of the container using heat transfer printing, inkjet printing, and printing. In recent years, PET resin has developed rapidly in the application of cosmetic containers, which has contributed to a great change in replacing glass bottles with plastics. Plastic products have occupied more than 80% of the packaging market of cosmetics and become the main packaging container of cosmetics.

Compared with the proportion of plastic, the proportion of glass bottle packaging in cosmetics packaging is relatively small, no more than 8%. Glass still has irreplaceable advantages in this field. It is still the preferred material for high-grade cosmetics in the short term. The reasons for this situation are as follows.


First, the texture of glass bottle packaging is better than that of a plastic bottle. Noble and elegant is the charm of the glass bottle. It can be made frosted or transparent. At the same time, the heaviness of the glass bottle can double the trust of consumers and improve the grade of cosmetics, which can not be achieved by plastic packaging. At present, most perfume is packaged in glass bottles.

Second, the sealing of glass bottle packaging is good. For some cosmetics with whitening and nutritional effects, they contain a lot of nutrients like food, but they are very easy to be oxidized, which requires their packaging to have excellent sealing and block the influence of oxygen on these cosmetics. In addition, volatile perfume also has high requirements for the high barrier of packaging. Glass bottles have a strong barrier, which is undoubtedly more competent than plastic bottles in protecting the contents. Therefore, some cosmetics taking the high-end route still take glass bottle packaging as the first choice.

At present, plastic bottle packaging accounts for a large share of cosmetics packaging and is widely used, but glass bottle packaging also has its irreplaceable advantages. Glass based cosmetic packaging should still follow the high-end route in the future, and its scientific and technological content should be increased at the same time.

How should cosmetic glass bottles be disinfected?

Cosmetic glass bottle can hold cosmetics such as cosmetic water, lotion, face cream, etc. cosmetic glass bottle has strong compatibility, sealing, applicability, and exquisite design. Therefore, cosmetic glass bottle is gradually recognized by users. Cosmetic glass bottles have a variety of styles for users to choose from and can be selected and designed according to the requirements of users and the characteristics of cosmetics.

Glass bottles used for cosmetics must be disinfected before use to prevent the growth of bacteria on cosmetics, shorten the service life of cosmetics, and prevent health hazards to users. If you want to disinfect the glass bottle, you need to wash the glass bottle first. Otherwise, do not disinfect. In that case, the significance of disinfection is very limited.

Wash the glass bottle first; Boil water; Preheat the glass bottle first. Generally, pour some boiling water first, and then shake it properly; Turn off the engine and put the glass bottle into boiling water; Put it into the water for 3-5 minutes; Remove and dry. Attention should be paid to safety. It is generally recommended to wear gloves and masks to avoid splashing boiling water.

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