lollipop lip gloss containers Luxury Cosmetics Packaging Lipgloss tube (Square Shape) | LGS-001A

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Material: Aluminum & Plastic
Type: Makeup Packaging
Usage: Lipgloss
Feature: Whitecap & Golden collar & Transparent bottle custom
Custom Order: Accept
Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China
Brand Name: Lihua
Model Number: LGS-001A
Product name: Luxury Cosmetics Packaging Lipgloss tube (Square Shape)
Capacity: 4.5ml+6ml
Closure Color: Gold, Silver, black, white or customized surface
Surface Handling: Screen Printing, electroplate, Hot processing, Other Surface Handling 
MOQ: 12000pcs
Packing: Carton+pallet


lollipop lip gloss containers Luxury Cosmetics Packaging Lipgloss tube (Square Shape)   | LGS-001A lollipop lip gloss containers Luxury Cosmetics Packaging Lipgloss tube (Square Shape)   | LGS-001A lollipop lip gloss containers Luxury Cosmetics Packaging Lipgloss tube (Square Shape)   | LGS-001A lollipop lip gloss containers Luxury Cosmetics Packaging Lipgloss tube (Square Shape)   | LGS-001A


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Guangzhou Lihua Hardware & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specialized in large-scale domestic production of high-end cosmetic packaging containers as well as pharmaceutical packaging containers, food packaging containers and various types of hardware, plastic products and accessories.


The company was established in the last century and has now developed into a large modern enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales. It has nearly 1,000 employees and an independent factory building of more than 20,000 square meters. There are aluminum branch, aluminum parts branch, hardware branch, zinc alloy die-casting branch and plastic branch respectively; formed from aluminum raw material refining, purification, fine blanking-mold design, manufacturing, aluminum stamping, Stretching, forming, polishing, oxidation-zinc alloy die casting, machining , polishing, electroplating-plastic blowing, injection molding, hot stamping, silk pad printing, paint spraying, thermal transfer, sandblasting, assembly, etc. produce.Since the serial production from raw materials to products is carried out within the company with a scientific management model and a perfect quality assurance system, thus ensuring product quality and delivery time.


lollipop lip gloss containers Luxury Cosmetics Packaging Lipgloss tube (Square Shape)   | LGS-001A


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lollipop lip gloss containers Luxury Cosmetics Packaging Lipgloss tube (Square Shape)   | LGS-001A


Basic quality requirements for lipstick tubes of cosmetic packaging materials

Basic appearance requirements

1.Product components: the requirements must be consistent with the sealed sample and shall not be missing. There shall be no flash, burr, or a sharp edge to prevent sharp and stabbing hands, which will cause human injury, or affect the use function, the product is incomplete and seriously affect the overall appearance.

2.Material requirements: consistent with the sealed sample, no refueling is allowed.

3.Flow marks: visible within an arm's distance from the eyes.

4.Gap: the gap between the cap and the bottle of the comparison sample shall not exceed 1mm. Cosmetics packaging materials can also outsource some small accessories according to different types of cosmetics packaging. The cosmetics packaging industry and cosmetics are closely linked. Nowadays, the overall homogenization of the cosmetics industry has increased the value of packaging materials. In recent years, people in the industry have also called for low-carbon and green packaging services.

5.The hand should not be broken in the range of obvious scratch. Lipstick is no different from lipstick in appearance. However, in recent years, new lipstick products have been innovated. Some of them adopt extrusion design, and some of them need to be painted on the lips by hand.

6.Damage: the container is broken, unable to fill the inner material, and has affected the function and overall appearance. There shall be no depression, bruise, strain, scratch, slight crack, etc. within an arm's distance from the eyes, the visual inspection shall not be obvious, and the product logo shall not be affected and shall be within the limit.

7.Hygiene: there are foreign matters, impurities, hair, oil stains, stains, dust, other pollutants, and biological pollution on the contact surface of noncosmetic materials.

Graphic printing requirements

1.Color difference: conform to the standard sample product.

2.Hot stamping/printing adhesion: use 3m-810 adhesive tape to adhere for 1 minute, and then tear it off at an angle of 45 °-90 °, without obvious falling off so that the bottom is exposed, and the font should be visible.

3.Adhesion of electroplating/spraying: there are no color spots, peeling, peeling, fog, fading, or other defects. Use an art knife to draw 4-6 squares with a side length of about 0.2cm at the electroplating/spraying part, stick 3m-810 tape to the squares for 1 minute, and then tear them off at an angle of 45 °-90 ° without falling off.

Structural and functional requirements

1.Opening tension of cover/bottom: the opening force shall be between 0.2-2 KGF.

2.Pull out the force of the middle beam and base: it shall be ≥ 4kg force.

3.Rotating block force: the rotating torque shall be 0.1N m-5N. M, there shall be no obvious sound caused by tightness, and if there is a sliding wire after rotating to the lowest end, the torque of the sliding wire shall be ≥ 0.4N m.

4.Middle beam eccentricity: rotate the base, and the middle beam is eccentric.

5.Vacuum leakage test: fill the product with water, lie on the absorbent white paper in the vacuum box, vacuum -0.08mpa for 15 minutes, and the loss rate shall not be greater than 0.5%. Lipstick tube lipstick is the general name of all lip makeup. Lipstick includes lipstick, lip gloss, Lip Glaze, etc. it can make lips ruddy and shiny, moisturize and protect lips, increase facial beauty, and correct lip contour. It is one of the common beauty cosmetics for women and can show women's sexiness and charm.

6.Fall test: 76 cm high falls to the cement floor, and the parts are cracked or function abnormally.

7.Specification/size: meet the standard and within the limit.

Odor description

There shall be no smell other than the packaging material itself.

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