What Are the Characteristics of Special Cosmetic Bottles?

November 17,2022

Some cosmetics need to use special packaging to ensure the activity of ingredients because of the particularity of ingredients. Dark glass bottles, vacuum pumps, metal hoses and ampoules are commonly used special packaging. Today, we will introduce Cosmetic Bottles to you.


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What are the characteristics of special cosmetic bottles?


Dark glass bottle


The photosensitive components in cosmetics may not only lose their activity and efficacy, but also cause sensitization and toxicity after being oxidized by ultraviolet radiation. For example, ascorbic acid and ferulic acid are prone to photolysis and oxidation, and retinol alcohols and their derivatives, furacoumarin have photosensitivity and phototoxicity.


In order to prevent such components from being degraded and oxidized by ultraviolet light, the packaging must be protected from light. Dark opaque glass bottles are generally used as packaging materials, and dark brown glass bottles are the most common. To ensure convenient use and product hygiene, dark glass bottles are often used with droppers.


Cosmetic brands that focus on functional ingredients often use dark glass bottles for packaging to ensure that raw materials play a role.


Although dark glass bottles are used to avoid light, it is not ruled out that dark glass bottles are used purely for traditional or appearance reasons. Some cosmetic ingredients do not contain photosensitive ingredients, but the brand takes into account the traditional use of dark glass bottles and droppers in drugs. In order to attract consumers, the above packaging will also be used.


Vacuum pump


Although the dark glass bottle has good light shielding property, it can only completely isolate the air before use. It is not applicable to components with higher requirements for air insulation (such as ubiquinone and ascorbic acid used for oxidation resistance), as well as easily oxidized oil components (such as shea butter).


If the product composition has higher requirements on the airtightness of the package, a vacuum pump can be used. The vacuum pump is generally made of AS material. The obvious advantage is that the content can be well isolated from the outside air. There is a piston at the bottom of the vacuum pump. When the pump head is pressed, the piston at the bottom of the bottle moves upward and the contents flow out. The space of the bottle body is reduced, and air will not enter.


Metal hose


As the vacuum pump is made of plastic, the light shielding property is poor. If the product components have high requirements on shading and air isolation (such as vitamin A alcohols), metal hoses are required.


High concentration of retinol alcohol products are usually stored in aluminum tubes. Compared with plastic material, aluminum tube has stronger airtightness, and can block light and moisture. It can better protect the activity of the contents.




Ampoules are one of the hottest inner packaging materials in the cosmetics industry in recent years. Its airtightness and safety are commendable. The creativity of ampoules in the cosmetics industry comes from the ampoules in the medical industry.


The active ingredients can be stored in closed containers in ampoules for one-time use. It can isolate air and pollutants, and ensure product hygiene. In addition, the ampoule made of glass can be made into dark color, it has a good light shielding effect. The products with aseptic filling and disposable ampoules can be free of preservatives. It provids a new choice for consumers with severe skin sensitivity or unwilling to use products containing preservatives.