What kind of mold should be selected for transparent packaging?

February 23,2022

    Our most common transparent plastic packaging materials are usually divided into PET materials and PVC materials. In the blister industry, all conventional materials for transparent materials use these two materials. How to judge whether the quality of the transparent blister packaging made is good or not, we start from the blister material and the blister mold. We have already talked about blister materials before. Today, we talk about the classification of molds. Molds are divided into gypsum molds, copper molds, and aluminum films.

    Among them, the cost of gypsum mold is the lowest, the cost of aluminum film is the most expensive, followed by copper mold; gypsum mold is generally used to sample for customers, which is beneficial to the modification of product packaging, the price is lower, but the durability is lower, after a period of use, It is relatively easy to damage, so it is generally not necessary to make mass production molds; a copper film is attached to the surface of the copper mold, which is electroplated, so it is more durable. It is generally used as a mass production mold and is also the most commonly used one. Blister products are simple in structure, and copper molds can be used if the curve requirements are not high; the aluminum film has high accuracy and the contours and angles of the products produced are beautiful, and the durability is very high, the price is the first in the mold category; in fact, aluminum Moulds are the first choice for high-volume and high-required plastic production. They are more durable than gypsum moulds and copper moulds, with high production efficiency and extremely low scrap rate.