Luxury Cosmetic Packaging Double Wall ALu & PET Container 75ml Lotion Bottle | CBS-036A

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Type: Lotion Bottle 
Usage: Lotion, Serum, Skincare, Other Cosmetic
Feature: Non-Spill, High Quality
Custom Order: Accept
Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China
Brand Name: Lihua
Model Number: CBS-036A
Product name: 75ml Lotion bottle 
Capacity: 75ml or customized closure
Closure Color: Customized
Surface Handling: Screen Printing, electroplate, Hot processing, Other Surface Handling 
MOQ: 5000pcs
Packing: Carton(board/polybag/fluted coupling sheet)


Luxury Cosmetic Packaging Double Wall ALu & PET Container 75ml Lotion Bottle  | CBS-036A Luxury Cosmetic Packaging Double Wall ALu & PET Container 75ml Lotion Bottle  | CBS-036A Luxury Cosmetic Packaging Double Wall ALu & PET Container 75ml Lotion Bottle  | CBS-036A Luxury Cosmetic Packaging Double Wall ALu & PET Container 75ml Lotion Bottle  | CBS-036A


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Guangzhou Lihua Hardware & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specialized in large-scale domestic production of high-end cosmetic packaging containers as well as pharmaceutical packaging containers, food packaging containers and various types of hardware, plastic products and accessories.


The company was established in the last century and has now developed into a large modern enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales. It has nearly 1,000 employees and an independent factory building of more than 20,000 square meters. There are aluminum branch, aluminum parts branch, hardware branch, zinc alloy die-casting branch and plastic branch respectively; formed from aluminum raw material refining, purification, fine blanking-mold design, manufacturing, aluminum stamping, Stretching, forming, polishing, oxidation-zinc alloy die casting, machining , polishing, electroplating-plastic blowing, injection molding, hot stamping, silk pad printing, paint spraying, thermal transfer, sandblasting, assembly, etc. produce.Since the serial production from raw materials to products is carried out within the company with a scientific management model and a perfect quality assurance system, thus ensuring product quality and delivery time.


Luxury Cosmetic Packaging Double Wall ALu & PET Container 75ml Lotion Bottle  | CBS-036A


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Luxury Cosmetic Packaging Double Wall ALu & PET Container 75ml Lotion Bottle  | CBS-036A


Main materials of cosmetic packaging bottles

As a fashion consumer good, cosmetics need high-quality packaging materials to raise their value. At present, almost all kinds of materials are used in cosmetic packaging, among which glass, plastic, and metal are the main materials, and cartons are often used as outer packaging. Constantly developing new materials and new processing technology and pursuing new shapes have always been the focus of the industry on the development of cosmetic packaging containers.

Glass material

Glass has great advantages in the field of high-grade cosmetics packaging. Its transparency and smoothness are incomparable to plastic bottles. The charm of glass bottles is thorough, pure, noble, and elegant. For high-grade cosmetics or cosmetics that are volatile and easy to lose fragrance, such as perfume, glass bottles are generally used. Whitening and nutritional cosmetics, but they are extremely oxidized. This puts forward high requirements for the sealing of packaging materials. Glass bottles have a strong barrier, which is undoubtedly more competent than plastic bottles in protecting the contents.

However, the variety of glass containers is single. Even if there is a good design idea, it can not be realized due to the limitations of technology and materials. Due to the inherent disadvantages of glass, plastic containers or composite containers are often used for general cosmetics.

At present, most middle and low-grade cosmetics packaging have been replaced by plastic bottles, plastic bags, or plastic tubes. The application ratio of glass bottles is less than 8%. Glass has irreplaceable advantages and remains the first choice of high-grade cosmetics in the short term.

In recent years, with the improvement of glass processing technology, using computer CAD glass bottle mold design, enhanced lightweight, and other technologies to produce glass bottles, the quality of glass bottles is improved, the weight has been reduced, and the transparency and surface finish is further enhanced. In terms of post-processing, the glass surface can be frosted, painted, color printed (up to 7-8 colors), carved, etc., which greatly improves the glass bottle and added value.


Plastic is light and cheap, easy to form in large-scale production, and can be made into bottles of various specifications, transparent, opaque, and various colors. The printing performance is very good. The manual, logo, and bar code can be printed directly on the surface of the container using heat transfer printing, inkjet printing, and printing; It can be made into bottles, cans, boxes, and other plastic containers with various structures and shapes.

Cosmetic capsules have a variety of shapes, including spherical, olive-shaped, heart-shaped, and crescent-shaped. They have a variety of colors, including crystal transparent and colorful pearly. The appearance is very popular. This packaging brings consumers a safer and more convenient way of consumption.

The disadvantage of plastic containers is that the transparency is not as good as glass, but at present, the polyolefin extended blow molding technology overcomes the disadvantage of low transparency of polyolefin blow molding bottles, and its crystal clear characteristics have been close to glass bottles. As a skincare product, lotion pump lotion is characterized by high water content, which can instantly moisturize the skin and supplement moisture for dry skin. In addition, lotion can form a thin and breathable protective film on the skin surface, which can prevent moisture loss and play an excellent moisturizing effect. Therefore, the lotion is more suitable for use in the dry season than the makeup water of the pure moisturizing type.

Due to the above excellent properties, plastic (structure: synthetic resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, pigment) materials and composite materials are more and more widely used in cosmetics packaging. Plastic products have occupied more than 80% of the packaging market of cosmetics and become the most important packaging container of cosmetics.


With the increasing improvement of national living standards, the consumption of cosmetics and health care, and skincare products has increased year by year and has increased significantly in recent years. Aluminum packaging materials for cosmetics have the advantages of a lightweight, bright color, elegance and luxury, durability, easy processing, molding, and coating, which are favored by the cosmetics packaging industry. Nowadays, vacuum plating paper has a double metallic luster and is easy to print. It has many advantages, such as beauty, fashion, high grade, and environmental protection. It greatly meets the requirements of cosmetics packaging and has become the focus of high-grade cosmetics outer box packaging materials.

The main consumer group of cosmetics is women, and the pursuit of beauty is a natural trait of women. Whether the cosmetics are packaged beautifully or not greatly affects the status of cosmetics in women's eyes and their preference for specific brands.

Vacuum aluminized paper prints transparent and colorful ink, which can show a high and rich metallic luster. At the same time, it gives people a psychological hint: it can also shine after using this kind of cosmetics. Vacuum aluminized paper is also easy to be processed by laser holography and has a good anti-counterfeiting effect. According to the needs of different cosmetics, a flash laser logo or specific beautiful patterns can be printed on the outer package, which is not only beautiful, fresh, and easy to identify, but also deterred from fake and shoddy products.

Vacuum aluminized packaging material is a new type of composite environmental protection packaging material, which gradually replaces aluminum foil composite paper as the aluminum paper substrate. The word itself has the characteristics of green environmental protection that can be recycled and degraded in soil and saves metal resources. It is a kind of green packaging material conducive to environmental protection.

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