Screw cap aluminum press disc top cap for bottle liquid | PH-279A-A 20/415

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PH-279A-A 20/415
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10000 piece per week
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Material:  Aluminum outer+pp inner
Type: Disc cap
Usage:  Bottles
Feature:  Non Spill
Custom Order:  Accept
Place of Origin:  Guangzhou, China
Brand Name:  Lihua
Model Number:  PH-279A-A
Product name:  Screw cap aluminum press disc top cap for bottle liquid
Size:  φ23.8*30.06
Closure Color:  Silver,gold,black or customized
Neck size:  20/415
MOQ:  10000pcs
Packing:  PVC Tray+Carton+pallet


Description: Aluminum cover combined with PP inner,is more environmentally,friendly and safe.Stable function and wide usage for lotion,skincare products and bath or hair products.


Screw cap aluminum press disc top cap for bottle liquid | PH-279A-A 20/415 Screw cap aluminum press disc top cap for bottle liquid | PH-279A-A 20/415 Screw cap aluminum press disc top cap for bottle liquid | PH-279A-A 20/415 Screw cap aluminum press disc top cap for bottle liquid | PH-279A-A 20/415


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Guangzhou Lihua Hardware & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specialized in large-scale domestic production of high-end cosmetic packaging containers as well as pharmaceutical packaging containers, food packaging containers and various types of hardware, plastic products and accessories.


The company was established in the last century and has now developed into a large modern enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales. It has nearly 1,000 employees and an independent factory building of more than 20,000 square meters. There are aluminum branch, aluminum parts branch, hardware branch, zinc alloy die-casting branch and plastic branch respectively; formed from aluminum raw material refining, purification, fine blanking-mold design, manufacturing, aluminum stamping, Stretching, forming, polishing, oxidation-zinc alloy die casting, machining , polishing, electroplating-plastic blowing, injection molding, hot stamping, silk pad printing, paint spraying, thermal transfer, sandblasting, assembly, etc. produce.Since the serial production from raw materials to products is carried out within the company with a scientific management model and a perfect quality assurance system, thus ensuring product quality and delivery time.


Screw cap aluminum press disc top cap for bottle liquid | PH-279A-A 20/415


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Screw cap aluminum press disc top cap for bottle liquid | PH-279A-A 20/415


Modern women not only have high requirements for the quality of cosmetics, but also attach great importance to the packaging of cosmetics, of which the cap is a good package that protects the product well and must have qualities that can attract consumers, focusing on the degree of personality and aesthetics. In recent years, electrified aluminum caps have become popular.


The reason for the popularity of electrochemical aluminum lid


Cosmetics, health products, beverages and other industries often use bottles to do packaging, and the electrochemical aluminum cap and these bottles used in conjunction with each other, there is a complementary effect. Because of this, the electrified aluminum cap is so popular. So, what are the advantages of this new type of packaging lid?


First, in terms of material, it uses high-quality aluminum, this material is healthy and hygienic, will not rust, and easy to open, no auxiliary tools can be opened.


Second, the electrochemical aluminum cover has a series of properties such as shock resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, etc., and also non-toxic and harmless, good sealing performance.


Third, the plasticity of aluminum, it can be made according to customer requirements of different shapes, but also can be color printing, convex letters, milling words, bright gold and silver and other process operations.


Fourth, the electrochemical aluminum cover is beautiful and generous in appearance, used in the field of packaging, can make the goods more noble, improve the grade and value of goods.


In short, the electrochemical aluminum cap has superior performance, and various bottles with the use of the effect is excellent.


What is the market prospect of electrified aluminum cap?


Nowadays, many products are packaged in bottles, such as cosmetics, health care products, liquor and so on, and bottle caps are an essential part of the packaging bottles. Now most of the bottle caps are made of aluminum material. For example, electrified aluminum cap is the most popular kind of cap.


Electro-aluminum caps have a strong sense of three-dimensionality, beautiful and elegant shape, good sealing, and most importantly, low cost, which is welcomed by the packaging industry. Many people ask about the market prospect of electrified aluminum cap, with the improvement of people's living standard, people attach great importance to the safety and health of packaging, the use of electrified aluminum cap is just able to meet the needs of people.


The good sealing property of the electrochemical aluminum cap prevents the outside dust from entering and avoiding the contamination of the product inside the bottle. In addition, the anti-counterfeiting effect of the aluminum cap is also better. In addition, aluminum caps have the advantages of corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and plasticity.


In general, the electrochemical aluminum cap plays an important role in the packaging field and will still have a good development prospect in the future.


For more information about screw cap aluminum press disc top cap for bottle liquid, please kindly feel free to contact us, we are glad to answer for you. The best price is waiting for you.

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